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Our job is simple: deliver superior sales results at the lowest cost per sale. What goes into making that happen isn’t quite as simple, though. Suffice it to say, we are data-obsessed. We weren’t satisfied with the run-of-the-mill targeting so widely available, so we sought out the most authoritative, exact, and timely data in the automotive industry.

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Our Key Differences

Advanced Targeting

Our data analysts work alongside Urban Science modelers to build and refine custom audiences based on who is actually in the market right now — we can even exclude customers who bought a vehicle last night.

Traffic Conversion Analysis

Knowing what is actually driving sales is priceless. We look at your customers’ full path to purchase and, more importantly, which lead sources are producing sales and which are not. With a Traffic Conversion Analysis, we can show you the sales you are losing and to whom. For us, it’s all about making smarter decisions based on facts.

Near Real-Time Insights

We leverage Urban Science’s daily sales data based on yesterday’s RDRs, not registration data from 60-90 days ago like everyone else. These near daily insights allow you to make marketing decisions based on current market conditions – not what was happening three months ago.

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We offer a full suite of solutions to help auto marketing take flight.

Dynamic Digital Fulfillment (DCO)

Near Real-Time Insights

T.C.A. Traffic Conversion Analysis

Content: Social Media, Blogging

PPC, SEO, Email

Lead Scoring