Agency Opportunities

If It’s A Good Month, It’s Sales Training. If It’s A Bad Month, It’s Advertising.

Agencies are all too familiar with this catch-22. We’d like to eliminate it for you altogether. Know in near real time what factors are impacting your client’s sales, develop digital strategies that make “bad advertising months” a thing of the past and demonstrate indisputable full-funnel attribution to your clients, not just last-touch analytics.

We Complement Your Agency

Think of us as an extension of your team. We can offer you a complete, white-labeled solution or can fill in any missing pieces that will enhance your client offerings and dealer sales performance. Use us as much or as little as you like. Below are some of the ways we help make you the hero.

Insights & Intelligence

We arm you with a completely current view of a dealer’s relative market position and a detailed description of where their opportunities are for conquesting, competitive blunting, reducing defection and reaching in-market intenders by geography. When we say “current view,” we mean we are using Urban Science sales data (your client’s and their competition’s) as of last night, not 60-90 days ago.

This nearly immediate insight into your client’s campaigns and competitive performance significantly shortens the time it takes to develop your ACPs and will help arm you with the knowledge to reallocate budgets where needed to create true in-flight optimization for your automotive clients.

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Advanced Targeting

Our data analysts work alongside Urban Science modelers to build and refine custom audiences based on who is actually in the market right now, not yesterday and certainly not 90 days ago, making the standard “auto intender” targets obsolete—we can even exclude customers who bought a vehicle last night.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Proprietary Advanced Targeting Models We Use:


Individuals predicted to be in-market for a new vehicle right now

Competitive Blunting

Individuals who live in areas with strong competitive performance as measured by sales opportunity

Loyalists & Defectors

Individuals who are likely to return or defect from their current brand with their next purchase


Individuals with competitive garages that are likely to purchase in the next 90 days

How Are These Models Better Than What’s Currently Available? Glad You Asked.

We merge online and offline data, CRM data, web analytics and Urban Science’s near real-time sales data to complete the targeting picture.

They aren’t just nameplate intenders, but the micro segments most likely to convert, such as competitive brand defectors and targets with different incentive sensitivities.

We can suppress recent vehicle purchasers (as recent as last night).

Full-Funnel Attribution

We integrate online and offline data to demonstrate a customer’s entire journey from initial consideration set and brand interactions to final purchase decision so you can optimize your campaigns with even more precision and show your clients more than click-thru rates—more like cost-per-acquisition.