This Tide Lifts All Boats.

Knowing on any given day exactly where the opportunities exist for every dealer in your group allows you to be even more efficient about allocating resources and increasing sales group-wide.

Evaluate Your Marketing Based On Actual Sales

Leads are great, but sales are better. We help drive sales by using advanced targeting focused on the micro segments that are more likely to convert for specific nameplates. Then, the data trail behind every sale allows us to provide full-funnel attribution showing the entire customer journey from online interactions and traditional media touch points to calls, showroom visits, service appointments, defections and other offline data.

Nimble Intelligence

We provide your dealer group with a completely current view of each dealer’s relative market position as well as a detailed analysis of where their opportunities for conquesting, competitive blunting, reducing defection and reaching in-market intenders for specific nameplates are by geography. When we say “current view,” we are using Urban Science sales data (your dealers’ and their competition’s) as of last night, not registration data from 60-90 days ago.

This nearly immediate insight into your dealers’ competitive performance and opportunities significantly shortens the time it takes to make mission-critical adjustments to campaigns, budgets and even inventory and sales decisions such as which nameplates to focus on.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Proprietary Advanced Targeting Models We Use:


Individuals predicted to be in-market for a new vehicle right now

Competitive Blunting

Individuals who live in areas with strong competitive performance as measured by sales opportunity

Loyalists & Defectors

Individuals who are likely to return or defect from their current brand with their next purchase


Individuals with competitive garages that are likely to purchase in the next 90 days

How Are These Models Better Than What’s Currently Available? Glad You Asked.

We merge online and offline data, CRM data, web analytics and Urban Science’s near real-time sales data to complete the targeting picture

They aren’t just nameplate intenders, but the micro segments most likely to convert, such as competitive brand defectors and targets with different incentive sensitivities

We can suppress recent vehicle purchasers (as recent as last night)

Full-Funnel Attribution

We integrate online and offline data to demonstrate a customer’s entire journey from initial consideration set and brand interactions to final purchase decision so you can optimize your campaigns with even more precision and show your clients more than click-thru rates—more like cost-per-acquisition.