Get Your Unfair Share

In the retail automotive market, we provide you an unfair advantage. While your competition is scrambling to adjust their marketing strategy based on 60- to 90-day-old sales data, you’ll be miles down the road, using indisputable, unbiased insights derived from what happened yesterday.

Evaluate Your Marketing Based On Actual Sales

Leads are great, but sales are better. The data trail behind every sale allows us to show the customer journey from ad views through the sale. We evaluate multiple touch points to show what is actually driving sales and what your cost per acquisition is, not just your click thru rate or the number of leads a campaign generated.

Know Exactly Where You Stand And Where You’re Leaving Money On The Table. In Near Real-Time

Because of our partnership with Urban Science, we can help you understand all the variables that are costing you sales: inventory, pricing, traffic and process in near real time.

AUTOFLYTE provides you with your competition’s inventory levels and prices by model and trim package, so you can make sure your advertised prices are competitive

AUTOFLYTE shows you where your opportunity is and where you are losing sales, both to same-make and competitive-make dealers based on yesterday’s sales.

Know with certainty who is pumping in to your market by dealer, nameplate and geography and the competitive in-sell by make, model and geography.

AUTOFLYTE defines where you need to blunt same-make dealers and where to conquest against other makes by nameplate and geography.

AUTOFLYTE identifies in-market intenders for specific nameplates and how to reach them

With a Traffic Conversion Analysis (TCA), we can show you what is really happening inside your four walls with your sales process

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Reach Customers Who Are Actually Shopping Right Now

Dealers are bombarded daily by reps selling the latest and greatest leads and intender lists. but they’re all pretty similar. Our strategists collaborate with Urban Science’s data modelers to build and continuously refine custom audiences based on who is actually in the market for specific nameplates right now, not yesterday and certainly not 90 days ago, making the standard “auto intender” targets obsolete—we can even exclude customers who bought a vehicle yesterday.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Proprietary Advanced Targeting Models We Use:


Individuals predicted to be in-market for a new vehicle right now

Competitive Blunting

Individuals who live in areas with strong competitive performance as measured by sales opportunity

Loyalists & Defectors

Individuals who are likely to return or defect from their current brand with their next purchase


Individuals with competitive garages that are likely to purchase in the next 90 days