Any solution is only as good as the integrity and timeliness of the intelligence it’s built on. That’s why everything we do is geared toward solving well-defined business goals while they’re still relevant.

Near Real-Time Insights

With Urban Science’s daily sales data based on yesterday’s RDRs, not registration data from 60-90 days ago, we can tell you as of yesterday the specific nameplates where you’re losing the most potential gross profit as well as who is pumping in what and where, as well as what competitive makes are selling in.

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Traffic Conversion Analysis (T.C.A.)

The Traffic Conversion Analysis gives a dealer insight on how efficiently leads are being converted into sales by source–down to the individual salesperson. This tool enables dealers to shore up their sales process to get the most from every lead. The TCA traces defections to specific models and dealers to inform who and what are causing lost sales.

Why Use AUTOFLYTE’s Content Solutions?

AUTOFLYTE’S content professionals craft custom content for each digital platform (not the same content syndicated across all platforms) to increase the engagement with specific target audiences and drive more traffic to your dealership.

Dynamic Digital Fulfillment (DCO)

With our dynamic creative optimization, we can make sure the right messaged is served to drive traffic to your store.